New day - new outfit. Here is what I'm wearing today.

Somehow, I found this old “The Beatles” shirt that I got at a souvenir shop a few years ago when I started listening to the band. I remember that was in freshman year of high school when my obsession with bands started and who to start better with than The Beatles. 

I haven't listened to them in a while so, the shirt definitely gave me some inspiration. I think my favourite song of them would be "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", but classics like "Help!" and "Strawberry Fields Forever" are still in my heart.

I paired the top with a long black and white striped chiffon skirt I bought at New Yorker. Unsurprisingly, anything striped is a must for this summer. 

I chose sandals with heels as usual. These I got at CCC store here in town. They are brownish and have this cool crocodile skin print on it. They are really perfect.

And, here is the close up of my shirt:

"All you need is love and love is all you need."

There it is, my outfit of the day. I call it - rock meets elegance. What do you think? Do you find inspiration in it? Tell me in the comments!

xx Nora

It's Sunday and this morning I've been working. That automatically means that I needed to relax in the afternoon. There's no better thing to do after work then to listen to some good music or even better, read a good book. 

Currently, I'm reading "The Fabulously Fashionable Life of Isabel Bookbinder". Sounds very "The Devil Wears Prada" and it is. The book is definitely not a masterpiece, but it's an amazing past time and that's exactly what we need sometimes. It was written by an English author Holly McQueen and it's about a title character who is fantasizing about having her own fashion label, a perfume line and even dating Daniel Craig. The great thing is that many of us can relate to her dream-like personality. 

This book teaches us to dream, but also to cool down a little and actually be present instead of spending our days in fantasies and outside of the real world. It shows us that success isn't all milk and honey, to get there, we have to stay consistent and disciplined because none of our dreams will actually happen if we don't push ourselves. 

We need to understand the stress of it and be ready for it and most importantly, never give up

Since I read 80-something pages so far, I think I already can understand how it's going to finish. I couldn't resist reading the last page... As I always do, but we'll see if it surprises me. It seems as if  Isabel is a little too dreamy to actually make something, I still hope I'm wrong.

How was your day? Tell me in the comments!

xx Nora
Is anyone watching the World Cup? From now on, it seems more like Euro if we count Russia as a European country. I wish I was there live at the arena, but I'm still enjoying it while watching at home with friends and family. Anyhow, it's currently half-time of Croatia vs. Russia and the result is being 1-1. I don't think you need to ask me who I'm rooting for. I truly believe my country is winning today!

Croatian streets are already filled with the fans as they are rooting in their cars, lighting the flares and shouting national songs, let's hope our players hear us in Sochi.

Usually, I'm not very into sports, but when great contests are happening like this one, I gotta wear a national shirt.

Fun fact: around the time when Croatian president shook hands with the Russian prime minister, after Russians had scored, Croatian players managed to score their goal.

See you more in the future posts and let's win today!

xx Nora
It’s officially summer! Finally. That is what made me pass by the dark clothing section in the store. I'm a person or I used to be, who loved grey, black and earth tones, but that's over. I figured that bright colours make you happier, or at least that's some kind of superstition, but why not give it a try.

"Be the energy you want to attract."

Shirt, that I'm in love with by the way, I got at H&M the other day. It has orange florals on it and I used to hate orange, but somehow I like it on this top. However, I would never wear a fully orange coloured cloth, it's too much of a colour.

I absolutely love this almost mini skirt. It's black and having a neutral coloured bottom is a must. Whether your colour of choice is white, grey or black, make sure you have one in your wardrobe so you can pair it with a colourful top.


The jewellery that I'm wearing, I got from a diamond shop where my mother works. I was never much into big jewellery, but that bracelet is beautiful. The heel on the sandals is huge, it really makes me look taller and when you are 165 cm, that's what you aim for. I hate walking next to tall girls feeling like a dwarf which is what usually happens. That's why if you're like me, a good old heel helps.

Do you find inspiration in this outfit? If so, comment! And if not, comment as well. All feedback is a good feedback.

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Today I decided to write something so you can get to know me better. I started this blog about a month ago and wasn't very active, but from today on, I decided to post at least five times a week and some fashion outfits as well! 

Here is a post about 10 things you didn't know about me, so let's start...

1. I've always wanted to make a blog. Ever since I was twelve I wanted to make a blog, the reason why I didn't was... I guess, I was a little afraid to do it. I love sharing stories with others and photos and I think I finally got the courage to make it happen, but I still like to keep some parts of my life to myself. However, I made this blog to share the best moments of my life and I hope you'll like it.

2. I watch TV shows in many different genres. From epic shows like Game of Thrones, Twin Peaks, and Vikings, teen dramas like Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries to comedies like Modern Family and Two and a Half Men and even shows like Desperate Housewives and Sex and the City, I love them all. I think it's stupid to limit yourself to just watching the same genre all over again.

3. But my favorite TV shows are the period drama ones. I just love the fashion, architecture, and art of the historic times, but mostly the drama and scandals about it, those shows are always high-key.

4. I love learning languages. Unfortunately, I only speak English fluently besides my native Croatian and a little bit of Italian since I had it in school, and French (like very little French), but I have a Duolingo on my phone and when I'm bored, I just open a French lesson, it's really fun.

5. I don't know how to sing, but I love to. Yeah, I'm not that gifted, but music is really my passion. The passion, not in a sense of working in the music industry or anything like that, but just listening to my favorite bands. I love rock/alternative music the most, but I don't mind listening to pop, mostly 2000's pop such as Britney, Christina, Pink etc. One of my favorite bands is Arctic Monkeys whom I'm obsessed with and no, I'm not one of those fans who only know the AM album whatsoever. I also love Oasis, Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Lana Del Rey and many more, but currently, I'm in a phase when I'm only listening to the Monkeys.

6. I hate loud people. Not those people who are loud in a funny way, who are telling a joke or laughing like crazy because something is funny, but those who are aggressively loud and "act like they matter". I've had quite a few opportunities to meet those kinda people a.k.a. attention seekers.

7. I'm 165 cm. I don't know how relevant this is, but I thought just to share. Yeah, I'm average-short.

8. I'm picky when shopping. Like crazy, I could be in a store for an hour before I could choose what clothing or jewelry to buy. It's really important to me that the thing I'm buying is both useful and interesting, in other words, perfect. Still, I really enjoy shopping and it's one of my favorite activities to do.

9. I love makeup and skincare. I really do and I think it's important to take care of your skin even while you're young like me to prevent wrinkles and other things when you're older. I also love makeup a lot, now I'm going to order some new brushes, I really need some. Another thing, I need to add is that I really don't like people who say that I wear makeup all the time, why is that such a big deal? If I like it, let me be it. So expect more of these two categories on the blog in the near future.

10. I have some great plans for this blog. I know I didn't do my best so far, but that is because I have some other things I need to deal with before I can start posting frequently and also, something that readers really love - fashion outfits. Expect it on my blog in a couple of weeks and hopefully, it'll grow more!

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'Til the next time,
xx Nora

Sometimes we get overwhelmed with life, thinking that we can't achieve certain things, that some of our wishes are simply unrealistic or that maybe we shouldn't even go after some of our goals because they seem too great.

Every Monday on Twitter, there's a certain hashtag trending #MondayMotivation. Many of my followers use this hashtag to get inspired for the week to follow. It's only noon here in Europe and there are already almost 70 thousand texted tweeted with it.

That is why from now on, I decided to create a series of posts titled #MondayMotivation to get you inspired and share my goals and thoughts.

In today's post, for the debut opening of the series, I'll show you my personal bullet journal which I use for clarifying and setting my goals and getting things done.

Bullet journal is a fancy name for writing your goals and thoughts down. It's a journal, calendar-like tool to get yourself inspired and stay on track. 

In your bullet journal, you can write down your goals and tasks for the day, week, month or a year ahead. You can write down your 5-year goals or even 10-year goals. It doesn't really matter, you can do whatever you want with it.  

And here is an example from me:

This journal I got from my best friend on my latest birthday, but I wasn't as active in it and I still have a bunch of pages left. I think it looks gorgeous!

And there goes the first part of planning - monthly. Here as you can see, I wrote down my plans for the month of June; both goals and to-do tasks.You can easily follow the example. 

On the second page, I wrote the "key". The key is how I mark the tasks and which color I use for different ones.

Now, this is the main part of planning - daily, but with a weekly overview. As you can see, I used a time frame (that bar over every date) in which I divide my tasks and see when I'll do them and how long are they going to last. 

Obviously, I'll do other stuff in the day and probably come up with some more, but these are the ones that I'm sure of I'll do this week. As you might notice, the Monday is missing because I started writing this today. Usually, Sunday would be on the next page following this weekly goal planner below:

But my favorite part in my bullet journal is a monthly activity tracker in which I track literally everything.

(by the way, ignore the title in the right corner, the page was supposed to be for some other date.)

And there it is, my bullet journal!

I think journalling of any kind is an essential to the right organization and you don't have to do everything as I did in order to have a good one, stay true to yourself.

Tell me what you think in the comments!

'Til the next time
Is it June already? Finally! I'm in the midst of planning life stuff and so I wasn't in the mood to talk about me today. Instead, I decided to write a post about some other people or better to say, some other Instagram accounts I absolutely love. You should love them, too and give a follow!

This Norwegian blogger I'm always looking up to. I love following her because she has a unique sense of style, she doesn't do much makeup (actually, I think she stopped doing any), she has that cool beige aesthetic I'm living for and yeah, she lives in Norway, so I'm pretty jealous.

If you are looking for eccentric, lowkey 80's inspired aesthetic this account is a must to follow. Photos are always in bright colors, crazy poses, sometimes you can see a good 90's fashion runway pic or early 2000's Britney Spears; whatever the post, it's just amazing.


Probably the most popular on the list with over 200 thousand followers, this fashion/interior design/nature/art account is to die for. I love everything about it, it has a nonchalant, rich vibe to it and I can't help but follow it.


Even though it is the least popular in the list, I think this account deserves a follow. 20-something Italian girl who posts photos in edgy poses, always stays true to neutral colors (unless it's red) in her fashion style and makes sure to share photos of beautiful Italy. You must follow.

If you are into rock and roll, music wise or just aesthetic wise, you have to follow this account. It has all the rock'n'roll stars in it, from David Bowie and Led Zeppelin to just TV show screen caps and song lyrics that have something to do with the theme. 


Ella is very known in my country as being the daughter of late Croatian funk singer Dino Dvornik, but also as a self-made person. She often shares photos of her tropical travels, but also her sweet family. She has a blog at and is among the most popular Croatians at the moment. 

This is just a beautiful account for all travelers or the ones who want to be it. I love following it because of the certain warm aesthetic it has and how it focuses on worldwide architecture.

The name says it all, it's a really cool mood board. It has that beige, neutral colors, but edgy aesthetic, that I obviously really like. It posts photos of contemporary arts, quotes to live by, occasional celebrity fashion style, a cute animal and lots of aesthetically pleasing coffee shop pics. You must follow it. 

If you are looking for your daily dose of 2000's celebrities, you've come to right place. It is followed by Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and a dozen other stars. It has a very pleasing pink aesthetic with photos of celebrities such as Britney Spears, Beyonce, Mariah Carrey, but it is mostly about Paris and Nicole Richie.

And that would be it for this list. I know I haven't posted in a few days and this post is pretty much random, but it's okay to credit someone else sometimes.

Tomorrow I'll come up with the new post about Dubrovnik. So make sure to check it out.

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'Til the next time
Nora xx